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Product Content Strategy & Production

My goal is to create a user experience that connects, inspires, and flows. Producing quality product content requires alignment with many stakeholders, including: marketers, designers, developers, researchers, and product managers.

Below are some content samples demonstrating the various types of product content experiences I have strategized and produced for both web and mobile properties, including: The App Store, Content Guidelines, Campaigns, Video, Inquiries, Product interface, Product-Related Emails, and Mobile apps.

Please check out additional content samples on my projects page. 

Quality Standards

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Product Transactional Emails

Product content strategy example transactional - Airbnb emails

Product content strategy Airbnb transactional emails

Various Product Content Examples

Date Night in Denver App Founder

Date Night in Denver App Founder

Date Night in Denver App Founder

Udemy IOS App Content Portfolio

Product Content Dignity You Wear

Practice Mindfulness & Compassion

Video Walk-Through Content