DNID Portfolio

I was the co-founder of Date Night in Denver, which was a product 3Perfect.

What’s 3Perfect? The products of 3Perfect included web and mobile tools to help users connect with the people they were with anytime, anywhere, by giving them three ideas for things to do.

What’s Date Night in Denver? Date Night in Denver was our first live 3Perfect product that produced customized experiences or “date night” recommendations based on location and interests of couples.

Why did we pick the number 3? Our research suggested that too many options would often lead to a low satisfaction with a given choice. With a customized set of date recommendations, 3Perfect users had a higher rate of conversion and satisfaction with the choices.


  • Recruited and managed a cross-functional startup team from scratch and with no funding. Maintained team cohesion and drove product success through user feedback, weekly meetings, and goal setting.
  • Represented company as a thought leader through public speaking, presentations, and webinars. Managed engagement with customers, mentors, and advisors.
  • Wrote and published weekly newsletter highlighting Denver date night ideas and created feedback database to build the recommendation engine.
  • Crafted newsletters based around brands’ direction and goals, as well as feedback from subscribers.