The American Reputation – Big Trucks & Loud Music

By March 12, 2011Humor, Travel

You know why Canadians sew a Canadian flag on their trekking backpack when they travel across the world? Because they would never want to be mistaken for an American. NEVER. So shameful!

The American Reputation Abroad | Not Always Bad

We have been trained to think that most other countries don’t like Americans. The American Reputation around the worked in generally not that positive, but while skiing in France I met a handful of people who like America for very specific and humorous reasons. Here are a few favorites:

There was Javon from New Zealand, ”I love everything about America…I love the culture, the way they dress, the way they act, everything! I guess it started with music, and has stuck with me ever since. Like Incubus, Rage Against the Machine, and 311 are amazing. Dude, there are some great things coming out of America!” I felt pretty in control of that flirty late-night bar conversation, until it was revealed that it was Javon who brought a phallic shaped Play-Doh sculpture to the bar.

American Stereotypes Trucks

Then there was the charming, short English dude I met at après-ski when I was huddling by the heat lamp,  “You’re from America? I love America! I love the 18-wheelers. You know, those big trucks? They really are just amazing. Have you ever been in one?” I felt like I was watching a show on Bravo in front of my eyes, “American Trucks: Big, 18 Wheels, and Big.”

Then there was Samuel from England, who I met at The Pub. No really, it was called “The Pub,” “I like Americans because they like the way I talk!” Fair enough, I was pretty turned on by his accent too. It has to be the accent, because it definitely wasn’t his teeth. Sorry, couldn’t help myself on that jab.

And while most of the time on this trip I seem to be able to single out the negative things being said about America, I sense a wee bit more totally out-of-the-blue “likes” about America. Which is great, because my fake English/Irish/Scottish accent is starting to merge into a made-up language of my own.

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