It’s a daunting task to consider how we each have designed our own life.

Pause. Take a step back to reflect, and realize or admit that we may want a redesign.

Perhaps not to emulate somebody else’s life, but to redesign our own life so that we can cultivate experiences, create connection with ourselves, the people in our lives, or even strangers.

I’m a bit overwhelmed with the steps needed to create the transformations I’m excited to take on.


But these feelings of overwhelm are actually just a defense mechanism, or maybe even a way to procrastinate. Being consciously aware of this, I can literally separate myself from them, and begin to step over them. They are getting in my way.

A Life Experience Redesign

For the past month I have been privately writing (almost) 1,000 words every day.

Creative writing that sometimes flows so naturally that I sway as I write. Eyes closed and gliding back and forth with my body. Dancing with my fingers typing so quickly.

This is the “flow” experience I hear so many people talk about, and I’d love to bing my flow to a new level and publish what I’m writing.

There has been no common theme with my writing, which has been a fun way for me to reignite my creative voices.

life_experience_redesign_writingMy own words of affirmation are back. They are back for me, and they are back for my love of life.

I’m not sure where they have been. Maybe I was purposely keeping them quiet, or didn’t feel ready. But I’ve learned not to question timing. Maybe I wasn’t ready then. I’m ready now.

If affirmation is how I show love, then it only seems natural to start acknowledging my life experiences with words. These words. The ones you are reading right now and the ones I will publishing.

My hope is that writing about these little experiences can inspire others to reflect on their own life. How we can design the life experience we desire.

My life experience redesign will start by finding a little magic every day that demonstrates those little moments of connection. And I’ll honor them with affirmation by writing about them and publishing them throughout the month of August.

Join me and soon you may be redesigning your life with me.

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