Risk Creates Change, Try It – Part III

Risking My Creative Voice

I drove 40 minutes to Boulder everyday to work in basic marketing position for a green building company.

I had the job. I had the boyfriend. I had the life. I wanted more.

I started thinking of business ideas. Constantly.

I found one I knew was the ticket. 5 years later, I am sure it is still the ticket. Maybe I am all talk.

Before I obviously cashed in on the ticket, I did my research and decided to become a pro in the online travel/review writing industry.

I took the risk of exploring my own business idea, and while in the process, evolved and planted my voice in online communities.

I got hired by Yelp. I worked by moonlight and on lunch breaks. I wrote 40 reviews a week and helped establish the Denver market. I was addicted to the creation of community.

I wanted this creative voice of mine full time. The green marketing job took 1.5 years to find. The community and social media marketing manager job took 2.5 months.

I risked giving up worrying. I risked some of my free time to connect with myself and others through my writing and engagement online.

I risked what I knew to try something new. And it worked.

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