Blogging From the Bathroom Floor: Jetlag

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The last time I was on the bathroom floor it was because I was being over-dramatic when I was sick, and the cold tiles cooled down my bare sweaty bum…But, this time I sit on the hotel bathroom floor in Geneva, Switzerland because I can’t sleep. It’s 4:15am, I’m frustrated that I can’t sleep, and listening to my travel-mate breath like she is soundly asleep makes me want to wake her up to tell her I can’t sleep…So I take a bathroom break, sit on the bathroom floor, and think about what I would be doing if I was back home in Denver at this exact time.

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80s Childhood Memories

Then & Now – 80s Childhood Memories

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As much as I would like to think that my childhood beliefs and thoughts were similar to other children my age, I’m pretty confident that I was just as “unique” then, as I am now. Let’s compare some of the beliefs and thoughts I had as a child of the ’80s, to the beliefs and thoughts I have now as a sexy, cool, educated, cultured, and well-traveled twenty-something woman.

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How to Take More Risks

How to Take More Risks – Start Small

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This post was inspired by the soft launch announcement of this website to my family my close friends. I am not sure that I might ever feel entirely ready to take the plunge of announcing this incredible site to my closest contacts, as I’m constantly seeding content and editing detail pages. But this random day in December, which happens to be Christmas, seems like the perfect time to own up to the risk of taking my website to the next level and announcing it loud and clear.

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