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My Birthday is on New Year’s Eve & I Pretend It’s Awesome

New Years Eve Birthday - Alexandra Friedman

I Used to Tell People That I Remembered The Room I Was Born in.

Supposedly, the room had a window to the right of the bed, and out of that window, snow was falling. As if a fresh newborn baby even can see that far, right? Anyway, I used to claim that there were balloons in the room as well.  No, I don’t remember the colors of the balloons, and since the sex of the baby was a surprise back then, I couldn’t just say that the balloons were pink. I am sure I told people that the balloons were a nice neutral color, like red or yellow.

I mean, if I am going to claim that I remember the room I was born in on New Year’s Eve, I might as well embellish the story so it at least sounds like a decent party in the hospital room. I should have thrown in some champagne glasses, noise makers, and confetti (well, only confetti after everything was cleaned up).  I mean, it was New Year’s Eve after all…There are big expectations for this holiday that aren’t centered all around me.

Will David Bowie Be There? labyrinth Ballroom Scene

If you don’t like New Year’s Eve, you are probably bitter that you have never been invited to an amazing mascaraed ball where you got to dance with a sexy-someone, and then kiss them at the strike of midnight  (wait, I might be getting this fantasy confused with David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly in Labyrinth). New Year’s Eve is one of those holidays that most people want to really remember, I mean, most of us have January 1st off, so if anything, let’s celebrate that, right?

Here’s Why Having My Birthday on New Year’s Eve is Lame

  • I Usually Don’t Get an Office-Obligated Birthday Card: If New Year’s Eve isn’t considered a holiday already, that one girl-colleague who usually puts that forced signature-signing event together is at her grandmother’s house for the holidays.
  • My Facebook Wall Only Gets Half as Many “Happy Birthday Grrrrrll!” Messages: People are on holiday watching TV.
  • People Send Happy Birthday Messages a Day Late: I guess better late than never, but for some crazy reason people don’t understand the difference between New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.
  • Going Out to Eat Means Pricey New Year’s Eve Standards: I guess there is always Chinese, but I probably already ate that on ChristNew Year's Eve Kissmas.
  • People Forget It’s My Birthday: I know it’s a holiday, but wait a sec…
  • I Get Combined Gifts: Yeah, Happy Channukithday!
  • Everyone is Out of Town: No really, everybody…Even backups.
  • Kissing at Midnight Has Twice as Much Pressure: Some people have a shot for every year, and other people…Kidding!
  • I Have to Steal a Stranger’s Awesome New Year’s Hat: And then pretend to not see him when he waves to get the hat back from across the room. My birthday = My new hat.
  • My Birthday Doesn’t Just End When it’s Midnight: It’s over when I go to sleep…That is a standard birthday rule.

Here’s to Pretending That Having a New Year’s Birthday is Awesome

  • I Get to Make People Feel Guilty: It’s a Jewish thing, you might not understand.
  • Everyone that is in Town Usually Wants to Go Out: This is a self guilt, not my doing.
  • There is a Lot of Fun Options For the Night: I didn’t say affordable options.
  • It’s a Great Excuse to Wear My Mom’s Awesome Dress From the 90s: And look good wearing it.
  • People Bring Me Champagne Instead of Wine: It’s just sexier.Guilty Birthday Cake - Alexandra Friedman
  • I Get To Repeat The Same Joke Over and Over Again: Everyone is celebrating my birth! Annoying, but great.
  • Everybody Who is Out is in a Good Mood: I guess that might be the alcohol, but could be the holiday.
  • We Are All Celebrating the Unknown Future…Instead of Worrying About It: You know you like it.
  • Everyone Seems Pretty Hopeful For a Fresh Start: ‘Cause they get to buy a new calendar for their desk.
  • People set goals and resolutions: Who knows if they actually achieve them.
  • With Such a Positive Holiday, It’s Hard to be Bitter: *Le Sigh

On New Year’s Eve you get to celebrate the unknown future, a new start…Another, “How the Hell did it go by so fast?” year of refreshing life. Sure, the holiday has been morphed into an American joke, where restaurants have an excuse to charge WAY too much, and people have an excuse to kiss the people they are too afraid to admit they love in “real life.” But overall, I guess New Year’s Eve has some great aspects other than being the day I was born…And I’m pretty sure it’s the fact that I get to make you feel guilty.

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  • Anonymous

    Well you got an office birthday card… even if it had half as many signatures as mine will get next week ;)

    • http://www.alexandrafriedman.com Alexandra Friedman

      Wait, don’t you lose like 50% of those signatures since you are throwing your own party?

      • Anonymous

        Oooooouch… you got me ;( Hope you can make it!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Twylla-Meo/100000567495020 Twylla Meo

    My Birthday is also on New years eve, sucks because no one will buy gifts or come to a party unless its geared toward a New years party, they really don’t like the mixture of Birthday/New years Party…people would much rather go out instead.

    • http://www.alexandrafriedman.com Alexandra Friedman

      Twylla, I totally understand! And it’s not like we want to throw our own party at a club for ourselves…But sometimes I think that might be the only way share the big day. Happy birthday to you, Twylla!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/rewith85man Ernest DeBrew III

    it is cool but strange to be born on the last day of the year.

    I probably would like it but I am satisfied that my birthday is two days after Halloween.

  • disqus_1vqLY7NmLz

    I completely agree. New Year’s Eve birthdays is kind of lame because sometimes it’s lame.

    My birthday is on New Year’s Eve so I don’t really have a BIRTHDAY because it turns into a New Year’s Eve fiesta.

    Don’t get me wrong…it’s cool because it’s on a holiday but people forget. It’s now a family tradition to celebrate New Year’s Eve at my house. And my family always forget it’s my birthday….they always are like…

    “Hi. Happy New Year”

    Me: “Thank you! Oh did you know it’s my birthday today?”

    Family: “Oh really? WOW!” (every year it’s the same thing)

    This year, it’s my 21st birthday…it will be just okay. Oh well……..

    • http://alexandrafriedman.com Alexandra Friedman

      Well, our birthday has come and gone. I think we just need to pick a different day as our birthday. I got a combo gift #Gasp ! How was your birthday yesterday, my dear? Happy belated to us!!!!!

    • sherrysyed

      This year’s mine. God. Hate the letdown.

  • marayah samuels

    Just seen this and I feel the same. Im trying so hard to book a hotel on my birthday but because its new year’s eve its over priced. Everybody has parties so my event is forgotten about. Im 19 going to be 20 and probably spent 17birthdays on my own. For my 21st im going to host a big event for people who are born the same day. With give aways and loads of fun. Because of our birthdays we are often forgotten.

    • marc Howell

      I also was born on new year’s eve and have said for years it sucks as a birthday!!!!!
      Let me know where the party is me and the wife will come im 30 this new years boooooooooooooooo,
      email, brickbelt(at)gmail.com

  • Shay woodhouse

    I’ve decided to forget about everyone who forgets me, sick of being there for my friends, and then it’s like its okay to ditch out on me “because it’s New Years eve” like because getting ditched doesn’t feel bad already, on your so celebrated birthday, we’re not so celebrated, it’s sucks that people who say they care about you, care so little about you on such a day, that we never chose to be born on, #growingupsucks

  • Kitten

    Turning 20 tomorrow and I can’t wait for it to be over. Yeah it’s a holiday (to some) Yes it’s exciting (for others) But being forgotten and left behind on your own birthday sucks! When everyone already has plans and you don’t even have an invite blows! Here’s to another sad night home alone. Happy birthday!

  • fallon

    My birthday is today if only people would tell me instead of happy New year sucks being born on new years eve hope to have the attention on me next year when I turn the big 30

  • Evaristo C Gongora

    mine also my my family just gives me my gifts on Christmas and when my birthday hits there gone i was stuck at home on my 16th it kinda hurt even my friends where gone