Funny Search Results – Creative Content Creation Strategy

I’m at work drafting content for an email marketing campaign we are sending out later this week, and I happen upon a search result on JCPenny that makes me laugh. This is the best kind of creative content creation strategy. Unplanned, natural, simple, and live.

I’m checking out the toys on JCPenny (yes, this is seriously for work), when I notice that two of the toys in the search results offered the opportunity for me to create a little friendly and funny scene.

Sometimes we stress about what kind of content to create or share. This is just a fun reminder that sometimes finding good content to share online doesn’t always have to take lots of thought, planning, drafts, or creativity to make it happen. Content is not just text, it’s photos, videos, and any media you share online. More often than not, witty yet basic content is the most successful when sharing with the right audience, because people can relate. It’s not forced.

Funny JCPenny Search Result

So, just go about your day, keep your eye out for things that you think are funny, doctor it up where needed, and then post.

Obviously my editing skills “add to the image,” so you don’t always have to spend tons of time on a perfect Photoshop edit…In fact, that might take away from the content.

It’s easy to forget that a creative content creation strategy can be mixed in with improvised and unplanned content gold. Content ideas and inspiration are all around us. Yes, it sounds cheesy until you just give in and accept it. And then, all of a sudden, little stories pop up everywhere. Now you just have to capture it.

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