What is a Shareable Content Experience?

I worked with Udemy to create useful, creative, and engaging pieces of content on the topics of some of Udemy’s most popular courses.

Some of the pieces were used for SEM strategies with ads, or pitched to influencers, journalists, and bloggers in complementing fields with the goal of growing the audience, creating unique content, and generating in-bound links.

Shareable Content Experiences

11 Super Simple Ways to Boost Your Confidence

We put together a list of 11 confidence boosters–most of which you can do while sitting at your desk. You can check out a few of my favorite “GIF tips” below. Then you can take a deep dive with the full experience to learn how to easily boost your self-esteem so you can tap into your inner power anytime, anyplace.

Why Does This Content Create Connection? The topic of confidence is something most people can identify with, and the hand-drawn GIFs provide an interactive and shareable experience that simple text can’t compete with.

If coded correctly, GIFs can even be shared individually, which allows the content to connect with people both in bite-size pieces or in its entirety.

Shareable Content Experience

Shareable Content Using GIFs

Shareable Content Confidence Joke

Shareable Content Confidence Affirmation

The GIFs were designed and coded by SF-based designer and illustrator, Kathleen Kowal. Boost your mojo and check out all of the confidence GIF tips.





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